No matter what

when I was young I loved a good wedding.  when I got a little older I feared them–wallflower at the dance.  older still, I understood the essential artifice, felt that weddings, however pretty or hopeful, were hupas erected in the straight path of hurricanes.

humans, let’s face it, really fall short when it comes to commitment, true at every wedding.  in fact, a requirement for weddings should be drab work clothes and sheets and sheets of answers to questions like–what will you do when he/she gets fat?  Commits a felony?  Develops a crush on Justin Bieber?

Yep–the Bieb. The hard questions.

So in honor of the essential Potemkin nonsense of weddings, I obsess over “real vows.”  

Vows like–I will stick with you, no matter what.

We could just do the one, really, because…because….

That is the God vow, the love vow, the Rescuer vow–

I will stick with you, no matter what.

A paraphrase of–I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Sounds pretty and green when you are all dolled out in fancy clothes, but it is something else indeed in the presence of human sin–venal, petty, stupid, cruel.

We humans excel at making ourselves repellent, yet there is our broken, strong-right-arm Ransomer…

Sticking with us

No matter what.