Junk Mail


Charley, Maeko, Kamala, and Ester have all 

Sent me

Junk mail “eCards”


That used to mean

we were human 

No longer.

With hands, feet, faces, hearts missing

Only oddly disjunct

Given names 


The absence of any 

Human touch

Spam Magi

I received important unformation
From two illustrious gentlemen:
Zaid Mansoori
promising weightloss
And Dr. Haengsoo Lee
(must be a distant
Promising eternal youth

These men
And their extravagant

I will invite them to tea!

Oh, I will say, what a wonderful Porkpie hat Mr. Mansoori!
And he will bow with a flourish
(eyeing my porcine posterior)
And say, but(t) of course…

And Dr. Lee!
That fetching goatee!
Makes you look so young!

And he will rub his chin
This old thing?!

They will be my new family.
Setting up agility courses and badminton games
On the lawn
And smoothing out my worry lines
And the grey
Nimbus around my temples

I will tell them
All my stories of the real world
Where people assiduously clean
The space between their teeth
While Nero fiddles with lions and
Watch while Rome burns

Tsk, tsk they will say
If only, if only…
Things were as simple as all that…
In the place
We come from