Down the spine

i neglect the housework

To run my hands

Down the spine of our long

Intercourse together 

We-2-almost-grown-up on that narrow bed

So close

To street traffic

I cup

So many things 

In my hands, against your chest

Your beating heart the 

Metonymy of love

This phrase you have given me–

Someplace soft and safe

I will finger it as the beaten ring of gold

Hole run through center

On a ribbon  strung across

The cave of flesh

Where neck meets bone

Tokens of something deeper than the 

Two of us

Words spoken in secret 

Cells knit 

Together in my womb



Tell me again, my love

…soft and safe

Buy Me

Buy me something
To staunch this wound
Buy me something
To drown this pain
Buy me something
To wear in mourning
With flowers in my hair
To hide the gray

Buy me something
To heal this sorrow
Buy me something
To mask this scar
Buy me something
To cover this bruise
And I will sing a song

Enduring love

Can’t buy a thing like that
Can’t buy restoration
What is lost is lost
And the rest is fragile

So buy me a wall
A fortress/a stronghold
A place can be run to
For hiding

All the things I have bought
All the treasure and gold
This world this illusion
That death does not lurk
Behind each dark door

So buy me a song
Built from words that will last
Love and trouble
Hope and tears
As the lion guards
The lamb

Hold my hand when I sink
Lift me up when I fall
Pull me up from the deep
Put your hand on my wrist
Drag me to light
I am
Alive again

The Korean Painter

First I call you a paint nazi

Which you cheerfully amend to


Which you then blithely subvert

By jumping up and down to reach

The high spots with your brush

So I  think maniacal Asian dictator

Is way too harsh

For a guy who gives me


Music and children

My lovely



When the room is immaculate like our wedding


I say

That is what it looks like

When a doctor paints your house