Gathering flotsam

The hallway fire extinguisher is named Badger

And the rounded effigies on the first floor vending machine lack 

The appropriate replica for diet coke

So someone hand-wrote the words on a piece of paper and stuck it there

In the rounded plastic

slot signifying all the real ones inside

While outside 

The wind beckons

So real, so deep, night-real, night-deep

The way you might pick up pieces

Of sand dollars along the beach as light falls beneath the western


Counting each–a quarter, a dime, or half-dollar

Fraction of the living

Miracle of ocean, deep and full of

things bigger than us

Bigger than either diet coke or Badger or

The things that would keep a body awake

In the deep

Of night

While outside the wind still beckons

Singing lullabies in siren voices

To the sleepless 



Please keep in mind:

I am using this blog as a writing diary which means you are reading the skeleton of a story.

The basic idea is this:
A family has been harmed by someone and this person was given a plea bargain. He is free, potentially dangerous, and the family is both concerned about what he will do and um, a bit nonplussed by the vagaries of the law. So they hatch various plans to entrap the fella in a variety of wacky laws across the US.

We’ll see what happens…