The hunger

Love the hunger
Feed it with your will
Like oxygen to the flame
It fuels something in your wounded heart
The missing chair, the open window
The blow to your face
Unrequited love

The Garden

There are snails in the garden
Next to the roots of a fruit tree
Uprooted in a storm
A snake lives there
Where once there was both
A living tree and
A buried saint
The garden has two gates
That swing wide
To let us in
We block these gates
But the mouse gets through
I can see his hole in the fence
Close to the pool
My mind tries to reach
All the things lost or broken
As i glide beneath the night water
Scooping evidence of the Fall
From eddying warmth

Knowing that soon
The water will drop to cold
Winter robbing us
Of the fruits of
This garden.

God is complicated

In 1996 I became a foster parent
I lost a kid to no-one-in-the-system-gives-bat-guano
I gained a thirteen year sentence
I got out on good behavior!?
I lost a baby
She was dressed in pink
The car that drove
Off with her
Was an suv turquoise
With silver running stripe
I can still see the safety glass
The caseworks overwrought hair
Took my baby

Taught me
Love searches the sea
Of faces
Never stops missing
Scans the horizon
Sees You

The etiology of dragons

Everyone has dragons in their history. We are ubiquitous in the minds of men. Every culture has a dragon mythology. Even cultures which would be far too cold to support reptiles of our size and climate needs have memories of dragons.

Only in modern times have things become ridiculously obscured (when they were simple to untangle if you could live a thousand years).

Dinosaur is just another name for dragon. Let us face it–it is an epithet. We, ancient race of monarchs, reduced to brute beasts? Mindless and dull…

Leave it to humans to think they can figure things out to a point of control only to find they have lost the heart of the story. And without the heart, the rest becomes a silly fiction.