Dear Jason Rosenthal,

Don’t worry–I am not writing to-nor will ever attempt to–marry you.

I read your wife’s letter and I think I have something better than a prematurely offered new spouse.


I will be praying for you and Amy and your three beautiful children.  The ordeal you are all going through sounds scary and harrowing.

So…prayer…prayer to a Person who I believe to be real, eternal and prone to the miraculous.


Nothing is “more”  than the kind of love that…

Confronts death
So, prayer…in the hope that your love with your current wife will last forever.

And the understanding that whatever happens, no wife as wonderful as Amy can be easily replaced.


Karaoke Sunday

bring your bad hats

your steampunk boots

your homegrown dance moves

Technicolor wigs and

Feather boas, of course

To the big Sunday tent

Filled with the broken holy

Where it doesn’t matter if you are fat, thin, young or pretty

Only gotta sing loud, dance big

Lift your hands and move your feet

Shake the rafters, float the lanterns 

Karaoke Sunday