Ordinary Seduction

By  some inexplicable quirk of middle-age

I see the couple clearly-

Silent in the breakfast nook except for

the clink of spoons on ceramic bowls 

a regular crunch of cereal

They two alone in a room filled with light

not meeting

the gaze of the other

Because of ordinary seduction,

The old-ass Latin kind,

Where there is no longer even the lingering whiff of sexual connotation 

Only the word itself in primal 

dark splendor-

Adrift, led astray, removed


Soldiers pointed down the wrong path 

or lovers lost at sea

Where the simplest accident of seduction

Could drive this tiny boat off course

In an endless and unforgiving 


The Moon Has Teeth

The clouds are an old quilt

torn and soft with bits of stuffing 

poking through the worn stitching 


And the moon grins 

Teeth gleaming through

Celestial Jack o’lantern 

A child in the winter night

Light held aloft, blanket in hand

trailing off to bed

Only to find

A catenary pillow fort of luminous

Stars to the end of time