Paint with both hands

lovely because

it could be

Both an injunction 

or a relationship

We see the artist, forget the camera

Pinpoint of light

Opposable thumbs

Think what this man could do

With a prehensile tail

You and I may see the gift, the illustrated mind

But miss the other

trapped for now

in amber

As though Leonardo or Michelangelo 

Could have been felled by

The medium of genius

I can still see you 

Using the camera as well

to illustrate a trick of flying

Carefully editing  

out the machine 

which drew you 

To this point of before and after

To yet another deus ex

Machina- impossible will be

I pray for you always, brave little bird

Cage of the mind

puff of air

brush-stroke eyelash

Two kinds 

of childhood kiss

(Either butterfly or Arctic indigenous)

Again-could be 

Injunction or relationship-

Both hands

Paint us free.


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