A field of flowers

you force me to confront

The connectness of all things

People who would be strangers

Become intimates of a kind

A field of wild heather

Bowing in the wind

Matter and energy make up these currents

Of air and light

Which bring me together

With the face of a child

I could not keep

She changed us both

Shaped the horizon

Into “before” and “after”

Please, Love,

Spend all these afters

Near me.

Knot together

you say you have rethought 

the harm to “the children”

In the unknotting of us

These children?

So vivid

mixed-beautiful faces

Ours together

raise all the quotidian questions

Of how

How do you unmake a bed?

Unknot a tie?

Untie a knot

How do you 

Unbreak a vow

Unmend a wound

Unfeel a blow

To the face

That is my answer–

our conjoined knots and ties

In their eyelashes and knitted souls

Inseparable into parts of “mine” and “yours”

So close

 your eyes, my love 

And remember

All our sprawled splendor


The Ring Vow

it only takes one anchor to hold a boat
One candle to light a room 

One spring to start a river

One voice to sing a song 

This ring is a foolish gesture

Which will one day constrict your hand

This ring is a token

Of all the tragedy and light we 

Will make together

All vows are binding before 

The Lord, my dear

Not because you are pretty 

Not because I am good

But because these words will always be

Our aboriginal children

Dare you

To return them whole

To their original Owner.

Down the spine

i neglect the housework

To run my hands

Down the spine of our long

Intercourse together 

We-2-almost-grown-up on that narrow bed

So close

To street traffic

I cup

So many things 

In my hands, against your chest

Your beating heart the 

Metonymy of love

This phrase you have given me–

Someplace soft and safe

I will finger it as the beaten ring of gold

Hole run through center

On a ribbon  strung across

The cave of flesh

Where neck meets bone

Tokens of something deeper than the 

Two of us

Words spoken in secret 

Cells knit 

Together in my womb



Tell me again, my love

…soft and safe