Of all the gin joints

Ok, one more question, she asks, gesturing toward the paired wooden markers by the wharf.

Casablanca?!. When did “Rinderhafen, Texas” become Casablanca?!

Oh…funny story about that. Just around the time of the big real estate bubble the city counsel was convinced (due in large part to a sudden proliferation of vacation home development from here to Tivoli) that we were on the cusp of a resurgence of the great tourism boom of the leisure train days.

Sooooo….they put their heads together and decided it was time to reshape the image of this little patch of undiscovered paradise.

In fact, “paradise” was a contender in the race for a new identity. Also at play were Portwein and Portofino.

There was also rumblings about a “Gulf of Mexico Rivera.”

We almost came to fisticuffs at a couple of counsel meetings.

In the end Casablanca got the votes. And no one had any gumption left to object when the major’s wife got the contract for the renaming campaign and all the signage commissions that went with it.


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