Well, whatever you do, keep the gas mask

So I gotta ask, how did I get so lucky to find you free on a random Tuesday?

You know there are towns all over the world populated by just old folks and babies?

Well, this little fishing village of ours is one of them.

Shrimpers competing with Southeast Asia. Aging chemical plants dot our coast, and then out to our north arise the looming towers of glittering new gold rush.

I am a slave to that new rush. Work in mud tech up close to Cuerpo.

She shakes her head and laughs.

That has always cracked me up–Body, Texas. I mean I know we have Corpus and Padre, but Cuerpo?!

Yeh, well no one but you is laughing at Cuerpo now. The place we knew when we were kids is gone. Antebellum mansions have given over to Quonset hut villages where men drive hard and play hard.

All the other little towns in Texas feed into the workforce and scramble to find able-bodied men to fight fires and break up bar fights.

I work seven on/seven off and do handyman work on the seven off.

You should talk to Robert Cartwright. I mow for him.

That sounds good. I figure I should probably sort out at least some of the family mess before I bring in a realtor.

Well, whatever you do, keep that gas mask.


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