Rare Earth

Go outside
And look for the bright red dot
Momentarily swung close
Before it spins away again
The armadillo I saw today did not know how close to impossible and controversial it was
On the cool grass
Manicured yard
Spring sun

Do the math
Of precise chemical composition
And impossible rocks
Flung out
By a boy skipping them
Across water

We all have a white whale
An impossible box

Open it
Open it


My atheist friend


Wave away the sun
Tell yourself it is not there
Wish it be gone

Put it beneath an ordinary clay
Watch the world catch fire

Look at the sky
See only clouds

The long shadow of you
Means, oh…never mind

Sunlight broken
Into a million tiny pieces
Across any
Body of water

Don’t look straight at it
The truth is as blinding as

I have been told the center of a raging
Fire is utterly dark

Forever night.