The truth will set you free

I am talking to you
About a movie we once sat through

A man tells his wife a love story
That frankly made no sense

Don’t think it is true
When the man would
Inevitably make himself out
To be better looking and sexier
Than his younger self ever really was

The real story is always harder
More incisive–

The old man accosts the old woman
In a train station (of course)
Says remember me
And she shakes her head

You are mistaken sir
This was never a love story.

Dress This House

He says you never buy yourself clothes
I say of course not

I wear old things, memory
As I dress this house
Once the scene of such unkindness

You know as well as I
The things we store here
Define us.

So let us sew new clothes for this old house
With flowers in each window
The field of vision expands to love