Dear Mr. Educational Opportunity

First and foremost–thanks!!

I have been concerned about rising education costs and when Wendy Davis said

Every Texan deserves the educational opportunities I had.

I thought, amen sistah!

Well all I had to do was look up her bio and I figured out she was talking about you.

I am not sure about Ms. Davis, but man, you are the real deal–you took out loans, cashed in retirement money, did a lot of schlepping, and some old-fashioned parenting. All so she could go to Harvard!

She is right, every Texan could use a you.

And I am glad she has put you out there as a resource. Only…only…

Well, I have a few questions about the education you got for her.

For instance vocabulary.

Today Ms. Davis said “innuendo” when she talked about some of the discrepancies in her bio. I am pretty sure she meant to say “truth,” as in the sentence–“her opponents are having a field day with the truth.”


She seems to have some confusion with “years” versus “months.”

And library science.

She keeps talking about her “story” and how useful it has been to her, but the way she tells it it is impossible to tell whether she thinks this story should be categorized as “fiction,” or “non-fiction,” or this fun third category–innuendo.

Any way you look at it the educational opportunities you provided her have paid off. Those nice boy reporters who keep interviewing her are real kind and patient. Slow-talking, almost as thought they were focusing on her pair of flashy pink…sneakers…

Rather than the truth. Truth as simple as the sentence, “Jeff Davis paid for my education and raised my kids.”

How many of us Texas gals could be that lucky?

PS–and beyond the expensive pair of sneakers? Well, the correct use of innuendo in this case would draw attention to your name and what it really means for Wendy and her southern fried confederate story.


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