Wedding Blessings

Your wedding was a beautiful blessing to me. I have to admit that one of the griefs I carry over how things turned out with the church was the loss of a dream–

I thought that when J and I poured our lives into the youth group that would mean years of beautiful weddings.

In reality it has meant just two beautiful weddings–yours and your sister’s.

I am deeply grateful for both.

The loss of that former community and all those other weddings has scarred me a bit. I don’t trust people the way I used to.

Actually, I don’t believe in them much anymore.

So when your beautiful friend told me how you invited her to church and how that invitation led to Jesus, well, it was a great gift to me.

Your life
Your love
Your voice
Your marriage
Your children

Always matter
They mean something
Precious and eternal
Like the vows you spoke that day

So much joy
And the one promise I hold onto
For all of us–

forsaking all others

It matters when we promise that to someone.

It matters the world entire when He promises it to us.