Facebook is a funny thing

I hold a degree in linguistics which I now use to marvel over the way social media has forever altered human communication.

We see bits and pieces of our web of associations and their cares, stories, immaculate teeth. We also hear enough common threads to form a blanket of associations. Others see their own threads and associations–we read discourse, all of it shaped by the constraints of a computer.

One thread I have been struck by is this neat little rejoinder, posted exclusively by the pro-abortion folk:

If you have the temerity to assert that human life is inherently valuable and deserving of legal protection then you need to shut up and foster and adopt!!!!!

Invariably I point out I have.

But I have thought about it and would like to hit this ball right back onto the court:

If you are truly pro-abortion, pro-woman-over-baby’s-rights why don’t you foster and adopt?

It would be good for us all. Trust me.


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