Sometimes it is hunger
Sometimes it is teeth
Sometimes it is exhaustion
Sometimes it is a diaper that needs to be changed
Sometimes it is a wordless grief or fear or bad dream
Sometimes you will scour this list and still not know the answer
My cry will make you angry
My screams will piss you off
Push your buttons
Make you want to hurt me
I am a baby
Put me in my crib
Call a friend
Call my doctor
Your partner
Or the parents who raised you
But don’t hurt me
I am priceless

This was the PSA flier I wrote for Sam’s clinic. I did one for backover accidents as well. I was worried about the little guys in our neighborhood, in our world.

You look at the young parents with their little bundles of joy and you want to wrap them in a protective bubble. That is what a mommy is for. Only not all mommies are me and the world feels so dangerous for the little guys.


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