The Dog-eyed Woman–excerpt 2

Nothing is safe.
Nothing is more dangerous than love.
Nothing is more dangerous than the absence of love.

Radical attachment disorder, also called reactive attachment disorder is the term people use for children who are not held and comforted enough in the early years. Children in some orphanages or in situations of neglect will exhibit signs of attachment disorder. It is said that their brains do not develop normally.

It is like this—a baby is hungry. He cries. No one. He cries some more. Still no one. He cries and cries and cries. No answer. Only a hunger that invades every point in his soul. Forever.
The death of love.

After living with the secondhand smoke of RAD for fifteen years I want to collar people on the street, write politicians and journalist, I am an evangelist for comfort. I want to tell young mothers in the park. Please, please, please love this child in your arms. Comfort, feed and protect this child. A lot of bad things can happen to a human that can be fixed one way or another.
This can’t.
That is what is terrifying. A man can live a long long life with a broken mind. And never even acknowledge it is broken.



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