Talking to myself

Somewhere between…
Fierce angel
Ordinary words
Buy me
Iceberg girl
The borrowed child
What I
Imagine an ordinary dragon
Time served
The hell of words
Isaiah 27
Eclipse of light
Parallax view
Rain song
Imagine grief
For the broken
The grieving song
August moon
Folk songs
Love my sheep
The bodies of our dead
Bruise for bruise
The rain dance
Family picture
Imagine a box
My friend
Don’t miss
The imagination game
What stars see
The frequent flyers club
Wolf suit
Durn road
Sorrow is a bird
He says
I told you darling
Echoing Herodotus
Seeking the lost
The secret
Picture of darkness
You must’ve known
The inhabitants
About the sword
So you wanna
Imagine memory
Wandering star
Message in a bottle
Thank God…

Loose change

Imagine a Duck-shaped boy
His pocket full of
Precious coinage
Spills out.

Suddenly his private booty
splashes across pavement
He scrambles to retrieve it.

No dignity/no amount
Of love can distract him
From the $3.14 on the ground
His soul
His barely human soul.

Why the dog eyed woman?

Some translations use epithets. One says, “that bitch, that whore.”. Of course technically he is wrong. Clytemnestra is not a female dog. nor is she selling her body. But you could see why he would be angry–he has been recently murdered by her and her boy toy, Aegisthus.

The phrasing sticks in my head–the vivid chaos in the picture behind him. Clytemnestra exacts her revenge in a killing spree and Cassandra goes to her grave shouting out the fulfillments of grim prophecies.

An Agamemnon lays dying with his eyes wide open?

As I lay dying the dog-eyed woman would not let me close my eyes.

It calls to mind A Clockwork Orange (a film that creates instant PTSD) in which a psychopathic murderer is forced to go through aversion therapy. His eyes are prevented from closing while he is forced to watch hours of violence. The associations with violence become unbearable and he gets physically ill around violence.

It means he can neither perpetrate nor defend himself from violence.

It seems that Agammemnon has gained no insight from the manner of his death but Clytemnestra has exacted ultimate revenge.

Or, so, at least, we think.

Like him, Agammemnon is forced to witness the violence at the heart of his house.

Dogeyed vignette

Look at this mom, it is like there is a space here between the bones on his back leg that is just space, skin, fur.

Wow, good scientific observation.

Oh, she shrugs casually, you know I like to examine his leg. She gently squeezes the space.

Oh, and he is ok with that?

I don’t know. He never tells me anything.

She laughs

Dog eyed 12

Father brings a roll of quarters. Ten dollars in quarters in a tightly wound roll of paper.

He lets us pick ice cream from the vending machines. E picks the expensive astronaut kind. He shares it with us with a funny look on his face. Pride that he is sharing combined with furtive glances at the cup. He wants to be gracious with us, his siblings but still..

He does not want us to eat all.

Dog eyed 11

Remember it is always ordinary things:
Brush your teeth
Say your prayers
Eat your sandwich
Comb your hair

Something in her head pops
Like faulty wiring in the attic
Triggering a deadly

The rules are simple
But hard-won
Like a land war in Asia:

Don’t engage
Don’t make eye contact
Pretend the person screaming obscenities
Has a mute function you can control

Pardon, me
You think
Pardon me for caring