A Facebook Tale

Once there was a very ornery princess. Actually. She was a peasant adopted by a prince. Names and actual titles have been changed to protect the guilty.

This ornery adopted princess, who we will call Perunia had social anxiety issues. She tended to shoot herself in the foot because of fear.

In this case the gun of choice was a man named Hank Roy Grass.

Hank was a shirts-off-abs-blazing former inmate who prided himself on his way with the ladies. Um, teens. And one of the teens he beguiled was
Perunia. You could say she was blinded by his abs.

The next few years were a haze of bar fights, spawning, and recycled memes of spurious origin. You see, this was a Facebook story.

Sometimes just for fun Perunia would search for her life partner’s name on FB. She was always intrigued by the other Hank Roy Grass. That there was another HR Grass out there in the world (Nebraska) was as close Princess Perunia would ever come to the multiverse.

She wondered about the other Hank and found her thoughts and her mouse increasingly turned toward him.

This other Hank was funny, self-deprecating, a college student, a bit of a reader. He quoted Thoreau and Kafka. He loved Pixar.

What would her life have been like with this other Hank? She mused as the babies squalled and her Hank complained the bacon was burned.

End of chapter one


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