Isaiah 27:1 (NIV)
In that day, the Lord will punish with his sword, his fierce, great and powerful sword, Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea.

The Poet’s Reflection

I once knew a girl
Who only existed in my
To be honest
I do not remember
Much beyond her name

And yellow pictures of her twin
Now gone also.

I love them both
But mourn as well
That the aging woman
I have become
Still peers into
Each handpicked word
Finding solace
In her imaginative

God is complicated

In 1996 I became a foster parent
I lost a kid to no-one-in-the-system-gives-bat-guano
I gained a thirteen year sentence
I got out on good behavior!?
I lost a baby
She was dressed in pink
The car that drove
Off with her
Was an suv turquoise
With silver running stripe
I can still see the safety glass
The caseworks overwrought hair
Took my baby

Taught me
Love searches the sea
Of faces
Never stops missing
Scans the horizon
Sees You

Dragon Song

She had the dream again

The last day of normal
When the ordinary man
Finished his boat

Her skin was the color of the sky before rain
Before rain came down
She had been a towering
A river of life with eyes clear resilient

This was the nightmare she could not untangle–flash flood had been a meaningless
Term in an endless
Skein of days
The color of her skin, her eyes
As tall as she was beautiful
They had all believed they were
The man/little man
Holed up in his boat
While the fearless laughed
This world will never fall

But the sky might

And by the time they knew
The world was already
Swept away

The weary priestess

To this day
I can see her the way she was then

White shirt
Black skirt
Light in a nimbus around her
She speaks slowly
Like the sound of a train coming
Or water
Forced from it’s ordinary place
By volcanic unrest

I watch her
From an electronic distance
And although
Her words are muted
By time itself and my failing

I know how to find them
In the book she wrote

I remind myself
That prophets tell us
Water is rising
Before the dams all break


Imagine no rain
Just an even mist
Falling from this perfect perimeter of sky
And all your neighbors are giants
I see men like trees walking

Pretend you have an ordinary floor
When the rain starts you are merely
A new thing

You watch the floor.

As days go buy you sense a change in this world without barometer
Pressure rises

You watch the floor
With a fixed concentration
Long after you should have run
To the tree line/to the mountains
Of a broken world

You watch the floor

And once there
Perched on the edge of this world
The last memory of dragons

You are stilled by a storm without
A name.

When the river rises
Carry me
When the mountains fall
Carry me
When the man behind you laughs in the face of rain

And other words for falling

You watch the floor