Old woman’s vow

Young woman wants white
Or at least cream or ivory
Smooth against skin

Young woman wants
Flowers in her hair
And candlelight and dancing

Young woman wants the illusion
princesses possess
The world for a day

When she’s done
Nothing to earn it

Old woman wants
All her days of waiting
Back to her like doves
Streaks across the sky

Old woman knows
The vows we make are binding
Like the course of a dried up
We know what once was

And if she is lucky–
She will write her own
Old woman vows–

They will be the words that float
Behind her in every reflection
Of the old woman she has become
Will we cling together
In a turbulent sea

We will walk the same direction
And I will tell you the truth
Be generous for you
And always think you are my beautiful
To the end of


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