Bedtime story

She could read the NYSE and make it interesting. She writes memorable stories about punctuation. But tonight she was first coerced into reading bedtime stories to her little brothers, then induced to produce an encore performance.

This is her story:

Once there was a super pig called…Super Pig!
He wore a blue cape with red ears. He was quite handsome. Then along came his archenemy, Dr. Porkloin, descending to the earth from his hot air balloon. (steampunk–yes)
The bad doctor grabs our heroine Lucy Porkpie and whisks her off in his dirigible only to bind her with laser cables and deposit her in a vat of mud!
Super Pig saves the day, guns-blazing shoot’em up rescue style he liberates Miss Lucy and vanquishes the evil villain because he is a handsome hero (pig)

The end…


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