Winter gazes out the window. She is watching the recycling truck skitter around the cul-de-sac. At each stop the driver halts abruptly. Lowers the robotic arms to seize each recycling bin, then swings upward and tosses the contents into the bowels of the truck.

Watcha doing? Her brother asks.
Watching the recycling dude.
I have a little crush on him.
How do you know he’s a dude? Could be a woman. Look at that crazy driving!
Funny. She shoots him a withering look.
I guess I would have a crush on her if it was a woman.
Driving with intention!
Driving like a nut.
I like to think that the truck is Walle’s cousin.
It looks like some ravenous cyborgian monster roaming the city in search of synthetic carbon.
Cyborgian a word?
Well if it isn’t it. It should be.


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