Tfd 2.3

I chuff
If only he could get caught for DVD piracy!

Love the word “piracy”
I picture C. with an eye patch

It irks me
That the unauthorized reproduction of this unassuming video production
Could incur the wrath
Of the federal government
Up to 10 years in prison!

Like winning a
Penal lottery
To be the one
Guy they catch
Showing weekend at bernie’s 2
To his frat brothers without
Paying the licensing fee
Or wham!
Caught downloading
the notebook
From some third world

I think out loud

Because the truth is harder
The fact is
he did so much worse

I think of the damned courtroom
The shriveled prune of a judge
A conspiracy of indifference…

If only
He had just been
A pirate
I would have rejoiced

And not just because
Someone would have
Given a damn.


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