J hasnt aged.  He still seems like the teenager I met in a Bible study years ago.  He still seems like the college student I followed around like a puppy.  When he comes home from work if Elijah sees him he cries out DAD! in such an acclamation of joy. 

The kids all love their rockstar dad.

Tonight we were walking and quoting a favorite line from a Cameron Diaz movie.  He asked if she had been in any good movies lately.  I said that I would reach back as far as “In Her Shoes” just to find a decent one and he pounced on my weak memory.  What about Shrek?  I said, well, I wouldnt vouch for anything past Shrek 2 and even though it was dark I believe there was a glint in his eye as he…

whipped out his smartphone!  he could trounce my geriatric memory instantly thanks to the power of the mobile internet!

in all fairness to the process he admitted that my timeline was accurate…this time…

Cue Carmina Burana


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