This definitely belongs in the linguistic Lego room


While the Make a Wish foundation is super cool and admirable and what they do has to be super hard, it would be considerably harder were they the Make a Fish Foundation.

If I owned hundreds of vans, I would have them driven in columns and in my van I would drive in front of the column. That way I would be in a van in the van of a caravan of vans.

Here is a breakdown of different disciplines based on an allegory of interaction with a stick (super broad obviously)

Science is asking “how does the stick interact with things?”. Philosophy is asking “why is it a stick?”. Art is “what does the stick represent?”. Engineering is “how can we use the stick?”.

Einstein was horrified to learn Newton didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

I like to think that the long feud between Rome and Carthage…

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