the battle of oran

I am a big Winston Churchill fan.  And it is not just because I love babies.  I love the fact that an entire continent needed him, his words and tenacity to confront a driving evil.  Today we learned about the Oran, and how the tug of war over the French navy led to a tragedy, a strange act of friendly fire?

The dvd showed an aging Frenchman talking about the deaths of over a thousand French soldiers when Churchill ordered the bombing of surrendered French ships in Oran.  The French soldier said they hated him, still hate him for what he did.  Understandable…

On the top right corner of the newspaper reporting the tragedy it quotes Churchill saying, history will judge…History will judge.

We don’t always judge rightly.  We often get it wrong, but in so many difficult times in my life when I struggle with our human instinct to supinely follow the herd I think about Chamberlain and Churchill.

Who would want their burden, either of them?

But I’d rather not be the one glad-handing Hitler


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