i studied linguistics because I loved words and the way people put them together.  i still love words.  for me they are life, legos from the mind of God and He is lavish with them.  i dont always use them wisely.  I want this blog to be a play room of sorts, a very minimalistic experiment in celebrating them. How?

well, lets start with a bit of shameless autobiography–

I remember the day I came home from teaching (a very good day) and found out that I had been rejected from two MFA programs.  I sat on the landing and thought about my beautiful students and decided they would be my words, my focus.  The UMBC education master’s program I eventually pursued was WONDERFUL!  A God thing.

Years of teaching for free later I remember standing in my kitchen crying as I spoke to an affectless young man with the some extremely dangerous mental hobbies and told him that I felt it was only right to retire myself from public teaching because I had failed to identify a predator in my own home.  I told him I would write.  I guess you could say he had fair warning.

I did write.  A lot.  But the decision to write out–to call to more people than my own ragged heart became an act of survival for my beautiful family.

And then trees and flowers grew.

As my children watched me write (out) they began to write too.  Focused, beautiful words.  Words I could only admire and imagine.




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